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  1. I wrote about costume designers and got to visit the Orange Is the New Black set. They use actual prison suppliers for their costumes. Who knew?

  2. I went to San Francisco to profile Modcloth. The office is exactly like you might think: conference rooms names after vintage hairstyles (beehive, finger wave), standing desks, books on knitting, girls in cardigans. 

  3. Kind of my everything. (via)

    Kind of my everything. (via)

  4. I wrote about natural beauty companies based in Brooklyn. I am trying to kick my Dove antiperspirant habit but it’s HARD.



  6. I profiled Eva Chen for the Times.

    In the spirit of the story, I’ll share with you the Zara shopping tips she gave me, which were to go to the stores as soon as they open on weekends, when they’re the most organized, and not to overlook the men’s section, especially for slouchy sweatshirts.

  7. Miriam sent me this in honor of Mercury retrograde (and our devotion to Mariah Carey). 

  8. meganpickering:

    Recently I received a generic email from the Saatchi Gallery saying ‘submissions are now open for the New Sensations Prize 2013, and we have noticed your work, really like it, and hope that you will apply.’ This email was sent to me at a similar time to when pictures of Charles Saatchi were published, showing him grabbing his wife’s throat outside a restaurant. Saatchi dismissed the act saying it was a ‘playful tiff’, so here is my submission. 

    Love her.

  9. Happy 15th birthday to my dog. He’s living his best life.

    Happy 15th birthday to my dog. He’s living his best life.

  10. UNITS forever

    Everything in the store transported you into this idea.  The brands were so hyper realized.
    Then there was UNITS, which was a completely different animal.
    Units had an amazing concept.
    It was like a modular system for dressing.
    The woman who started it, Sandra Garratt, was American. It was basically a mass-market sensibility of what Yohji Yamamoto was doing. 
    Like a tube that was a skirt but could also be a dress. 
    A lot of what American Apparel was originally, is based on this UNITS structure. The whole store was modular designed to match the clothes. It was a revelation in a mall in Ohio!

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