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  1. Yes: Fear and Self-Loathing, Pt. II »


    One of the problems I kept running into during the “reporting” of FEAR AND SELF-LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS was that I could never seem to look like anything but a complete weirdo, which made some of the more tense excursions we took out there (specifically, anything that involved hackers, guns, or desert racing) that much more tense. Above is about as close as I came to fitting in. (This is me shaking my head sadly right now.) That photo, by my co-conspirator Nikola Tamindzic, also may be the only time that entire week I smiled. (“Smiled.”)

    Anyway, the final two parts of the story—featuring the aforementioned hackers and their guns, spirit animals, retired CIA operatives, and a deeply embarrassing final twist—are up now.


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